Stray Dog Was Freezing To Death And We Couldn't Leave Him - Part 2

Stray Dog Was Freezing To Death And We Couldn't Leave Him
I saw the poor dog when I went to the groceries, he was lying on the side of the road, freezing to death.
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Name: Desislava Gospodinova
IBAN: BG47UNCR70001523226502
We are Stoyan and Dessy from Bulgaria. We are not organization, neither a shelter, we are just an ordinary couple with a big dream. Everything we provide for the stray cats is coming from our own pockets or with the help of donations from our subscribers. We have 4 cats at home, all rescued from the streets - Sopolcho & Bagheera live with us while Alexa & Rijo live with Dessy's mom, who has been feeding and caring of stray animals for the last 10 years. Bulgaria is a small and poor country with lots of stray cats and not enough kind people to take them in. Our dream is to build a shelter where we could take care of many stray cats with the help of Dessy's mom. If you would like to support us, please subscribe to our channel and share our videos with your friends and family. It would mean a lot to us ❤️
- Dessy & Stoyan
Stray Dog Was Freezing To Death And We Couldn't Leave Him
Stray Dog Was Freezing
Dog Rescue
Freezing Dog
Rescue Freezing Dog


  1. PawMeow

    PawMeow3 months ago

    We posted about the dog on the social media in our country, and we were surprised how much interest he got. There were more than 30 requests for adoption. We chose carefully and the dog will go to a Russian woman who lives 200 km away in a house with another small breed dog.

  2. Colors 66

    Colors 665 hours ago

    @mr epic banana man Please form sentences using words in order to be understood!

  3. Vilija Lukoseviciene

    Vilija Lukoseviciene5 hours ago

    That my dad and mom needs puppy

  4. mr epic banana man

    mr epic banana man14 hours ago

    @Colors 66 tf

  5. Allie Usagi

    Allie Usagi19 hours ago

    @Nono ..... wait wut?!

  6. Allie Usagi

    Allie Usagi19 hours ago

    @Colors 66 ooooohhhhhh. And I also wasn't trying to go against of what you were saying

  7. Miller

    Miller42 minutes ago

    The world needs more people like you in it.

  8. Piechew Community

    Piechew Community2 hours ago

    One day a big stray dog came and my mom pushed it away cuz we had no food

  9. Martin Zhel

    Martin Zhel3 hours ago

    Dogs do eat and like cat food though 😀 you’re wrong about that

  10. The Cat Boss

    The Cat Boss3 hours ago

    some do, some don’t

  11. Hi! How are you?!

    Hi! How are you?!4 hours ago

    I can’t understand why people would dislike this video! That you for helping that poor dog!

  12. s smswaff

    s smswaff4 hours ago

    I love you guys! Thank you!

  13. isak kurtanidze

    isak kurtanidze5 hours ago

    Such good video!

  14. Vilija Lukoseviciene

    Vilija Lukoseviciene5 hours ago

    The LAVA IN

  15. christine hurae

    christine hurae6 hours ago

    So cool 🥰 an foods food better than nothing bless for helping him

  16. J

    J9 hours ago

    Well done for rescuing this gorgeous little fella. Every animal deserves a chance and some just don't get it through owners that quite frankly need locking up.

  17. Hidde van Lier

    Hidde van Lier9 hours ago

    that dog is sooooo cute

  18. Miranda Christina

    Miranda Christina9 hours ago

    Bless you and thanks so much for sharing!

  19. Amneri シ

    Amneri シ10 hours ago

    I was thinking here alone "wow he is going to be so disapointed when you guys stop feeding him sausages to feed him dog food"

  20. Destroyer-x gaming

    Destroyer-x gaming10 hours ago

    No words for your kindness ✨❤💖

  21. Andrew Hughes

    Andrew Hughes11 hours ago

    "now the boy can do his job". I didn't get that straight away lol. I thought you'd given him work 😂

  22. Na Na

    Na Na12 hours ago

    Job well done we need more people like you . Bless all of you guys and gals

  23. CoocaBoon

    CoocaBoon13 hours ago

    Genuinely curious who the hell the 1k ppl who disliked this are and *why*

  24. Matthew Dillon

    Matthew Dillon13 hours ago

    what kid of do is it

  25. Fede Pastorino

    Fede Pastorino13 hours ago

    God bless you ❤

  26. Morgan VanCleve

    Morgan VanCleve13 hours ago

    This made me cry I don't know why people hurt animals Im glad he's saved

  27. woodrat willy

    woodrat willy14 hours ago

    You saved a dog. Beautiful. Then you tossed out you got WORD previous owners were abusive. Prove it

  28. Gareth Gilbert

    Gareth Gilbert14 hours ago

    God Bless you both!!!

  29. Noah Iscute

    Noah Iscute14 hours ago

    My dog was so skinny and no one wanted him and they were planing to put him down but we adopted him in the right time.

  30. shegufta sultana

    shegufta sultana18 hours ago

    You couple are a gift from God to this mother earth. Nowadays its rare to find people like you, with such a not only a big heart but devotionally caring. May God keep blessing you so you can carry the good work. Im sure God is building a castle for you for the hereafter for your dedication and humanity towards the ones in need.... especially the ones who are speechless and cant ask for help. I ask God that he gives strength to every one of us to do noble deeds just like the one you are doing. Amen

  31. Jamie Finch

    Jamie Finch20 hours ago


  32. Aunsha Maheshgauri

    Aunsha Maheshgauri21 hour ago

    If you come in india you will get crazy because there are more than 2, million stray dogs

  33. Revali 24-7

    Revali 24-721 hour ago

    3:40 ''Persons'' correction *people

  34. Sea Gypsies Belly Dancers

    Sea Gypsies Belly Dancers23 hours ago

    Thank you so much for helping and loving him. It breaks my heart that people abuse animals , I will never understand why people do, thank you again xxxx

  35. AVRtours

    AVRtours23 hours ago

    I wish we could treat each other this way.

  36. turtle

    turtle23 hours ago

    How could people hurt these innocent poor animals? I remember when i was like 2-3 years old, there was a stray dog that came up to us so we decided to keep him. He is still with us :) Also God bless you, you both are such a kind and cute people. I dont know how to thank you for saving this dog from dying. Thank you.

  37. xYoLO.

    xYoLO.23 hours ago

    I love that dog so much

  38. Jace Branyan

    Jace BranyanDay ago

    WE LOVE animals

  39. Biaka Khupchawng

    Biaka KhupchawngDay ago

    Thank You for saving him.

  40. Brenda D.

    Brenda D.Day ago

    Thank you for saving him.

  41. Nightmare 10_31_15

    Nightmare 10_31_15Day ago

    This was so beautiful 💛😭💚

  42. It's Equine Ellie

    It's Equine EllieDay ago

    This story broke my heart into a million pieces. Thank you for being so kind to this animal in need x

  43. Meaghan O'Brien

    Meaghan O'BrienDay ago

    This is so heartwarming! Thank you for taking care of the poor baby. I can see the love in his eyes when he looks at you and it makes my heart melt 🥺

  44. Katie m

    Katie mDay ago

    Don't feed him cat food its bad for there stomach get him dog food

  45. Katie m

    Katie mDay ago

    Bless your hearts

  46. King Wayne

    King WayneDay ago

    If we should never pass by a animal and need then deff not a human

  47. Gueory Girls

    Gueory GirlsDay ago

    This makes me smile we need more good people in this world

  48. The Slayer

    The SlayerDay ago

    A world with full of bad people is a sin or something idk but there are some good people.

  49. Sofia Vahtola

    Sofia VahtolaDay ago

    Super hero😍🤧😭💖🥺🥺🥺

  50. JeanMichelBambi

    JeanMichelBambiDay ago

    This hits even harder because he's the same race as my dog

  51. Dunya Pureluck

    Dunya PureluckDay ago

    There are many dogs in the world that are Abandoned it's so sad not everyone can save them and some die, It's so kind of you to save them Thank You

  52. •I kNoW fAcE bUt i DuNno NaMe•

    •I kNoW fAcE bUt i DuNno NaMe•Day ago

    Plot twist:It's actually a bear

  53. Kabil Tairi

    Kabil TairiDay ago

    He will miss you when he gets a new owner but hey don’t forget he is thankful that you rescued him and let him live a wonderful life

  54. Me Noob

    Me NoobDay ago

    People who disliked are stupid

  55. Calcium Vaughan

    Calcium VaughanDay ago

    He probably thinks he died and went to sausage heaven

  56. Mishka Mittal

    Mishka MittalDay ago

    Thank u so much for caring this dog I feel bad for him

  57. Suboda Suboda

    Suboda SubodaDay ago

    We need more people like you .💝💕💝💝. Thank you for saving that dog!💝💝💝💝

  58. 최주현

    최주현Day ago

    이 영상 제목위에 있던 개의 처량한 모습이 정말 귀여워서 저도 모르게 이 영상을 보게 됐네요. 개가 정말 귀여워요. 저도 개를 키우고 싶어지네요. 감사합니다.

  59. Kailynn Baby

    Kailynn BabyDay ago

    Thank you for being a good person

  60. Megan M

    Megan MDay ago

    Makes me so sad there are ppl out there who mistreats animals like that Glad you are able to take him in and find a good adoptive family. Hope you guys would be able to do updates ob those who find forever homes through you

  61. A. Cheese

    A. CheeseDay ago

    Awesome. Thank you.

  62. Resilienza Resilience

    Resilienza ResilienceDay ago

    my family: /abusing the pets sometimes/ me: just wishing that they wont do abuse 😣

  63. Micky Watts

    Micky WattsDay ago

    How are there over 1,000 dislikes of this?? What is wrong with people.

  64. queen_is_ back

    queen_is_ backDay ago

    What I don't understand is why do people decide to buy a dog thinking it's not as much work then abuse them. 😕

  65. baby yoda23

    baby yoda23Day ago

    That dogs original owners are horrible they abused a innocent puppy that was just living his life but these kind people helped the poor dog and fed him warmed him up and I hope that dog is having a wonderful life now

  66. Ulysses Centaur

    Ulysses CentaurDay ago

    I don’t know who you are but i hope to be in a relationship with someone that has the heart/compassion/selflessness/happieness that you 2 have accomplished. Thank you for be the best humans ever.

  67. Katubah Simcha

    Katubah SimchaDay ago

    so touching and endearing....both the little dog, and you good people, there still is hope and love in this world! thanks so much ❤

  68. Alex johnson

    Alex johnsonDay ago

    beautiful video 😍🥰

  69. rig4365

    rig4365Day ago

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  70. S. Z.

    S. Z.Day ago

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  71. Holy Spirit

    Holy SpiritDay ago

    God bless you folks

  72. Hans Christian Andersen

    Hans Christian AndersenDay ago

    Russians like that dog, every time try find last chance to survive. Including me 😺

  73. We are the Couzins

    We are the CouzinsDay ago

    Dogs truly are the sweetest animal we can have, so please don't abuse them rather love them and give them shelters because they have lives too.... And we should love other animals too.

  74. Political Puppet Theatre

    Political Puppet TheatreDay ago

    Nice, good job. Glad he has a second chance at a better life.

  75. Zhi yun Guo

    Zhi yun GuoDay ago

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  76. Raine

    RaineDay ago

    Make it also a mission to have the worthless Disgusting garage that had and was abusing him, prosecuted... Animal abusers should be EXECUTED! I hope you did a background, home check unannounced, had Veterinarian reference on Clinic Paperhead with verified signature and client history. This dog however should have been x rayed for and broken bones, old or new, internal injuries. Looks like cherry eye also. But even seemingly moving ok after initial, needs to be x rayed..before going And unannounced home visits. I'd never trust anyone to adopt to but maybe a few I know personally. Thank you for helping him. Guess how many knew of the abuse and did nothing! And how many just passed him by not caring. Most people. They disgust me. Animals, all animals deserve so much more... And huge majority of people could be taken off the planet and only good would come from that Peace to Animals and good kind humans.💕

  77. Kalpana Devi

    Kalpana DeviDay ago

    God bless you!

  78. Barry Alken

    Barry AlkenDay ago

    God love him.and thnk u for doing this for him..i am the owner of two rescue dogs and i cant imagine why people abuse animals..i hope hes doing well with his new owners..and i think because of ur love and care u showed for him he has started to trust people again..thank you again

  79. M H-C

    M H-CDay ago

    This little boy is too beautiful. How can anyone hurt him, it makes me so sick to think of these sick people. Thank goodness for people like you. That little boy is so placid. He would’ve certainly died out there in the snow. 🐾 ♥️😻

  80. •R.R.Ralyene•

    •R.R.Ralyene•Day ago

    I cried because this reminded me of one time I was with my parents working and I heard meowing and there was a baby kitten in tall grass and she was shaking and I brought her back to our home and so we let her outside to get some sunlight but later on she disappeared but I think I saw her a few days ago so that means the strays we have on our farm took her in and she also was kinda poisoned because her mother (who sadly died) ate something that was rotten and it cause the mother cats milk to also basically have poison in it (It’s hard to explain) so she had that in her system but luckily the strays who had kittens of their own gave her milk and were able to take care of her and shes an amazing grown cat now! 🥺 and you did a very good thing saving this poor boy. Anyone who hurts dogs has no soul whats-so-ever. This precious dog will now have a good life thanks to you 🥺👏

  81. bruh

    bruhDay ago

    you are good

  82. Grand

    GrandDay ago

    Great news! Jesus died for your sins! Trust in Jesus, turn from your sins, and ask God for forgiveness!!!

  83. Klaus Pallesen

    Klaus PallesenDay ago

    This one is for you : ❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏 The song “Johnny wanna live” by Sandra, this is the incarnation of it

  84. Melinda Lu

    Melinda Lu2 days ago


  85. Larky Plays

    Larky Plays2 days ago

    This is the right thing to do. And a dog is now in a safe place

  86. Aramys Sierra

    Aramys Sierra2 days ago

    this is damn near a carbon copy of my boy.... I bawled my eyes out the whole 2 videos seeing him suffer. how can anyone abuse a poor animal... thank goodness he was able to get adopted.

  87. turtle 15

    turtle 152 days ago

    This brought me to tears thank you so much for what you did. The world needs more people like you again thank you

  88. Whiteling 299

    Whiteling 2992 days ago

    This dog looks nearly exactly like my old dog that died.

  89. Todimu Aduroshakin

    Todimu Aduroshakin2 days ago

    People like you deserve more. Thank you for saving that dog

  90. Oishika Dey

    Oishika Dey2 days ago

    how can someone mistreat such a cute little creature!!

  91. Man Kind

    Man Kind2 days ago


  92. Michael Martinez

    Michael Martinez2 days ago

    God bless you.

  93. Jordan sanderson

    Jordan sanderson2 days ago

    pepoll who dislike you are not nice

  94. Ombra1983

    Ombra19832 days ago

    In Italy this kind of sausage is Called würstel 🤔 Anyway i'm so happy for the dog

  95. Mark Azhocar

    Mark Azhocar2 days ago

    I love Dogs and anyone who hurts dogs SUCK!! Those of you who love dogs and dont hurt them I thank you for being nice to dogs💗💗💗💗

  96. 2 days ago

    He is a very hamson dog. So happy that you all found each other.

  97. Sarah H

    Sarah H2 days ago

    God bless you with love,joy and happiness but also helpfulness💫🐕

  98. Bonk c:

    Bonk c:2 days ago

    Cute bear

  99. Wzz-Shosho classic - mop

    Wzz-Shosho classic - mop2 days ago

    I already saved a dog wandering alone on the road by driving to my job. It Was 7h30 am, everybody dodging him, so i stopped, put my warnings and tried to stop the other cars in order to catch him and bring him to the side road. I showed him that i was gently by letting snif me and pet him and then i opened my car door and he went into it immediately >< after that i drove until my work and the dude licked my hand each time i changed the speed of the car 😂😂 i was laughing about that, it was really cute. he was truly happy and i understood it When i was to my work i called my mum and explained her the situation, then she came and she finds the owners (he has a collar with the telephone number fortunally) what a wonderful mother i have because i dont know what i was supposed to do at this very moment. She saved the day :) I ve wait into my car until my mum came to my work so when she took him i was way way too late already. I explained it to my manager, no lie, i tried the truth . There was a silent moment but since he is a Hunter, i guess he showed respect for the gesture and said me something like " never mind, OK ok no problem, you stay 1.5 hours more this afternoon and no need to make a paper about this ". After that a young coworker which i never spoke to before asked me what happened and i explained her. Since that day we're friends because she was amaze by all the story I guess i saved a little dude and so, life gave me a New friend :D !

  100. Atomik Robot

    Atomik Robot2 days ago

    Does anyone know the breed please, I would love to rescue one for myself... PEACE....

  101. 2 days ago


  102. Shannon

    Shannon2 days ago

    Thank you for saving him! So cute!

  103. Storm Bolt

    Storm Bolt2 days ago

    Question? Why are there so many "conspiracy theorists" on your content saying you did this for views? Are you just an easy target or what's up?

  104. Charles

    Charles2 days ago

    Thats just life

  105. Elyza C WOOP

    Elyza C WOOP2 days ago

    Oh and by the way the dog is a girl because of how it did it business . Boy dogs pee with their leg up

  106. Kellyplayz

    Kellyplayz2 days ago

    I wish I could shut down hunting what do animals do to us that we kill them and use as wall decor

  107. Myzari Martin

    Myzari Martin2 days ago

    That animal was getting abused he... I am so tired of these people abusing I have tears right now why tf