When I Try To Kiss The Kitten 😆😍

When I Try To Kiss The Kitten
This is our newest family member - the kitten Little Gushka.
See what she does when I try to kiss her.

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When I Try To Kiss The Kitten
Kitten Kiss
Kissing A Kitten
Trying To Kiss A Kitten
Kitten Cries When We Leave Her Alone. Just Like A Human Baby


  1. Sam

    SamDay ago

    Why doesn't that happen to me? 🤨

  2. MatSciMinded

    MatSciMinded5 days ago

    Never been jealous of a cat before now

  3. HoshinoOtaku98

    HoshinoOtaku989 days ago

    So cute. 💖

  4. SickBoy

    SickBoy9 days ago

    I love the ominous music in the background.

  5. LaCiMoLaLa TrUsFaTeD aRmY

    LaCiMoLaLa TrUsFaTeD aRmY17 days ago

    So 💜 Cute

  6. Potato Gaming

    Potato Gaming18 days ago

    I am afraid of their claws🙄

  7. phantasm the tall man

    phantasm the tall man18 days ago

    Cute & fluffy

  8. Rimsha Mahmood

    Rimsha Mahmood18 days ago

    Wommen: *kisses cat 2 times* Cat: that's it stop giving me kisses *in cat language* meeeeeow meow meeeooow

  9. Kakashi

    Kakashi19 days ago


  10. Sarah XX-Porn videos

    Sarah XX-Porn videos19 days ago

    Wtf is this🤔🤔

  11. John Bonardi

    John Bonardi27 days ago

    Kitten was just saying "no".

  12. Mahendra Palla

    Mahendra Palla29 days ago

    Your mind and soul completely filled with love and kind, you are dedicated your life in protecting animals your way and your passion is phenomenal, iam truely believe and hope madam you live the life with happiness forever

  13. キノコ-Kinoko-

    キノコ-Kinoko-Month ago

    My cat does this with my mom XD She doesn't do it with me and my brother she just boops us on the nose :D

  14. Thomas Anguita

    Thomas AnguitaMonth ago

    Ahhaah when I try to kiss the kitten she tells me she has a headache

  15. Siti Al mariyah

    Siti Al mariyahMonth ago

    Kucing yang menggemaskan 🤗🤗🤗😂💞💞

  16. chairman meow

    chairman meowMonth ago

    Depression has left the chat.



    If I were the cat I would have not opposed resistance

  18. brobbus0

    brobbus0Month ago

    Gushka is one of the most beautiful cats I have ever seen.

  19. maricris garcia

    maricris garciaMonth ago

    Shes sooo cute

  20. maricris garcia

    maricris garciaMonth ago

    Shes sooo cute

  21. johnny weaver

    johnny weaverMonth ago

    This kitten is precious & a cutie, my cat would not let me kiss him either he would do the same, but he would let me kiss on the side of his face, they say if a cat will let you rub their stomach which is the softest area of their body that they trust you & my cat would let me, so give it a try👍

  22. Drizzt Do'urden

    Drizzt Do'urdenMonth ago

    Cats dont like bad breath either. lol

  23. Brandon GWL

    Brandon GWLMonth ago

    Kitten : Pls not again , don't do it infront of the camera .(TT)

  24. Ahmet Sucu

    Ahmet SucuMonth ago

    İ live you ❤️💃🌹

  25. nirna1986

    nirna1986Month ago

    Cuteness overload..... OH! I didn't notice the kitten actually!

  26. maartenvt

    maartenvtMonth ago

    That's why I love dogs...

  27. Mick and Sean's, Interests and the outdoors.

    Mick and Sean's, Interests and the outdoors.Month ago

    She's beautiful 😍

  28. Dave Jordan

    Dave JordanMonth ago

    My Lili does this all the time! She’s been with us for 9 years since we adopted her from the shelter and I tell her, sweetie daddy loves you and you are gonna get kisses every day! So get use to it! I know she loves them😊

  29. Siti Al mariyah

    Siti Al mariyahMonth ago

    Aduh sangat menggemaskan sekali kucing nya

  30. Tania Juarez

    Tania JuarezMonth ago

    So Beautiful 😍 This Is So Pretty Omg Im. crying Of Perfection 😭👌🏻

  31. • Pastel x Dreamz •

    • Pastel x Dreamz •Month ago

    “Mom... don’t embarrass me! Please don’t tell me you’re gonna post this!”

  32. Coline Clodine-Florent

    Coline Clodine-FlorentMonth ago

    « Human, your mouth doesn't deserve my fluffy smooch »

  33. Howard Johnson

    Howard JohnsonMonth ago

    Kitty doesn't like kisses lol

  34. mona

    monaMonth ago


  35. Christine Guadana

    Christine GuadanaMonth ago

    My friend Natasha has a cat and when I try to pet her she bit me😂😂😂

  36. Lisa Melroy

    Lisa MelroyMonth ago

    *Sigh* adorable! ❤🐾

  37. Carrie Yelverton

    Carrie YelvertonMonth ago

    I love your videos and she is fluffy and has a playful personality I love your channel 💕 ❤️ it’s so good 🐱 🐶

  38. Øtaķū čhãn

    Øtaķū čhãnMonth ago

    When u tried to kiss a cat But he doesnt want too bc hes infront of the camera

  39. Lila’s Theme

    Lila’s ThemeMonth ago

    Mommy don’t kiss me in front of the camera it’s so Embarrassing! Don’t do it or I will do this! She’s the cutest thing

  40. Kang Mo-yeon

    Kang Mo-yeonMonth ago

    Who else though of Suga & v by watching this 😁

  41. Suisite Bomba

    Suisite Bomba2 months ago

    what a cutie omg I'm melting 😂❤

  42. Delphine Bez

    Delphine Bez2 months ago

    My cats wouldn't stay that long ! 😁

  43. Ashlyn Santos

    Ashlyn Santos2 months ago

    Kitty: nooo

  44. almxndxz

    almxndxz2 months ago


  45. kaede does not approve

    kaede does not approve2 months ago


  46. Flower Power

    Flower Power2 months ago

    Kitten: Me is kitten. No eat me! 😿

  47. Anticipating anxiety

    Anticipating anxiety2 months ago

    I love cats and kittens but kissing them on the lips is unhygienic, it can spread germs and diseases cats have. This is why my cat gets plenty of forehead kisses though ☺️

  48. Cat Patch

    Cat Patch2 months ago


  49. M&M

    M&M2 months ago

    My cats will bump foreheads with me and will tolerate me kissing them on top of their head if they are in a lovey mood. Lololololol. I think it’s the direct stare and coming right into their face. One of mine will give me the paws. I always keep trying though. Haha. I think it’s fun in a sweetly torture them a bit.

  50. Heart The Puppet Queen

    Heart The Puppet Queen2 months ago

    That's the reason why I freaking love you two. Your gold hearts for animals.

  51. •ɪᴛᴢ ʟɪʟʏ•

    •ɪᴛᴢ ʟɪʟʏ•2 months ago

    My cat is like that too!

  52. Arrahmadino Affan pasa

    Arrahmadino Affan pasa2 months ago

    How do you post daily to find pets imposible

  53. Eshrat Khan

    Eshrat Khan2 months ago

    Hey, what's the update og Bella?? How's she doing?

  54. George I

    George I2 months ago

    Omg she’s such a cutie

  55. gabriela 16

    gabriela 162 months ago


  56. Michael Lance Steenberg

    Michael Lance Steenberg2 months ago

    Gushka is Seriously a hilarious and beautiful little ball of fur ❤️❤️❤️

  57. Redpelts

    Redpelts2 months ago

    When I first watched this video I was like "Oh my gosh. That kitten is an angel."

  58. Nemo The Rescue Cat And Friends

    Nemo The Rescue Cat And Friends2 months ago

    What a beautiful kitten!

  59. Jeynee Lemus

    Jeynee Lemus2 months ago


  60. Robby Pandher

    Robby Pandher2 months ago

    He is trying to tell you to not kiss him but the one who made him and the whole universe. His name is jesus christ and you can know more about him by reading the bible.

  61. chouchou 99

    chouchou 992 months ago


  62. daban yaseen

    daban yaseen2 months ago

    We should all care and love our innocent animals,

  63. Ronald Weiss

    Ronald Weiss2 months ago

    That was good. I liked that a lot!!!

  64. Monique Rault

    Monique Rault2 months ago

    Ouah ouah que de jolies petits boules de poils love love love!!!!! Une mamie qui adore les animaux. Mam 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💕💕💕💕💞💞💞💋❤️

  65. Just seeking Truth

    Just seeking Truth2 months ago

    The paw of NOPE!! No more kisses 😄

  66. Arts & Crafts

    Arts & Crafts2 months ago

    Hehe little ghusha is serois(0 , 0)

  67. Only_The_Strong_ Survive

    Only_The_Strong_ Survive2 months ago

    Awwwww! Lol! She’s like no more kisses please🤣🤣💖🐈

  68. Nancy Rouse

    Nancy Rouse2 months ago

    You know she don’t like it so why do you keep doing it that’s just being cruel and mean

  69. Schrodinger The Cat

    Schrodinger The Cat2 months ago

    "Stop trying to eat my face, hooman!"

  70. M S

    M S2 months ago

    - Å fan!

  71. NintendoFanBoy07

    NintendoFanBoy072 months ago

    SO FLUFFY!! 😁😊😚☺

  72. Yash Anand

    Yash Anand2 months ago

    This is going to definitely get 1 mil views this week

  73. CuRsoR 1317

    CuRsoR 13172 months ago

    Yeah Creeper does that too its sad but very cute hoho 🐱💛

  74. Caroline Anden

    Caroline Anden2 months ago

    She is such a lovely little kitten

  75. Elmo

    Elmo2 months ago

    little gushka is such a princess💗

  76. Mark Poitras

    Mark Poitras2 months ago

    Nooooo....needs foodz furst.

  77. Paula Cather

    Paula Cather2 months ago

    Glad to see the kitten seems calmer.



    cat... " girllll that dragon is killing me!!"

  79. Holmes Automation Components, Inc.

    Holmes Automation Components, Inc.2 months ago

    Hilarious! Keep trying Dessy...and that is one fluffy kitten.

  80. Eagle Heart

    Eagle Heart2 months ago

    Who are the 20 dislikes from?

  81. Chasey and Furrriends

    Chasey and Furrriends2 months ago

    Keep rescuing animals. You may lose your mind but you will surely find your soul.❤️🐾🙏

  82. Nerdee

    Nerdee2 months ago

    Aaawww... We don’t blame you Dessy, who else is able to resist that fluffy little face. But that satisfied look when she’s given scratches is too adorable.

  83. Maryam Mubeen

    Maryam Mubeen2 months ago

    Awe she is so cute and fluffy😍😍

  84. Keith Bates

    Keith Bates2 months ago

    Your Kitty is adorable! Joan Bates

  85. Eddym Mashral

    Eddym Mashral2 months ago

    She just like baby.. omg so cute 🥰👍👍👍👍🇲🇾

  86. Louise Dolloff

    Louise Dolloff2 months ago

    Dessy: kissy, kissy... Kitten: nope 😂

  87. Anamika Venugopal

    Anamika Venugopal2 months ago

    Me: kissing my pet kitten too many times😘 Kitten : Nooo! more kisses😣 Me: then u want cheek scratchs? 😳 Kitten: that's da spot 😻

  88. Claudia

    Claudia2 months ago

    This is what happens when you overdue it. 😏 'Enough is enough'! 🐈🖐️

  89. Carmen Bindiu

    Carmen Bindiu2 months ago

    Adorable kitty!💜

  90. countryland

    countryland2 months ago

    she's soo cute!! ✨😻

  91. luvzfrance24

    luvzfrance242 months ago

    Omg she's so fluffy I love it!

  92. K Ali

    K Ali2 months ago

    Aww ❤❤❤

  93. Melly 72

    Melly 722 months ago

    Dont let see this Supolcho)) haa haa

  94. Goupi Goupi

    Goupi Goupi2 months ago

    This girl is awesome, you can see how much she loves the kittens.

  95. Clara Payne

    Clara Payne2 months ago

    So sassy! You two are super cute together!!


    I NGURAH ARYA WINATHA2 months ago

    ze cat be like: no, i dont want a kiss, i just want to sleep

  97. Mahi Shah

    Mahi Shah2 months ago

    Aww😇❤️❤️ , you and the fluff ball kitten are so cute❤️ , its maybe saying ' Mom !!!! Don't kiss me front of the camera 😁!!!' But you both are a lovely pair , happy that its with you 😍 , May I know its name ?

  98. MITTI RoCks

    MITTI RoCks2 months ago


  99. Carmusic Sq

    Carmusic Sq2 months ago


  100. Amber Forsey

    Amber Forsey2 months ago

    She says "Mom, everybody's watching!" Later...