Little Kitten Crying For Help Under A Car Finally Finds Loving Home

Little Kitten Crying For Help Under A Car Finally Finds Loving Home
The story of Puhcho, the little kitten we found under a car in an underground parking lot. His journey to find forever loving home.

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Name: Desislava Gospodinova
IBAN: BG47UNCR70001523226502
We are Stoyan and Dessy from Bulgaria. We are not organization, neither a shelter, we are just an ordinary couple with a big dream. Everything we provide for the stray cats is coming from our own pockets or with the help of donations from our subscribers. We have 4 cats at home, all rescued from the streets - Sopolcho & Bagheera live with us while Alexa & Rijo live with Dessy's mom, who has been feeding and caring of stray animals for the last 10 years. Bulgaria is a small and poor country with lots of stray cats and not enough kind people to take them in. Our dream is to build a shelter where we could take care of many stray cats with the help of Dessy's mom. If you would like to support us, please subscribe to our channel and share our videos with your friends and family. It would mean a lot to us ❤️
- Dessy & Stoyan

Little Kitten Crying For Help Under A Car Finally Finds Loving Home
Little Kitten Crying
Kitten Meows
Kitten Meowing
Kitten Crying For Help
Kitten Under A Car
Kitten Finds Loving Home
Kitten Rescue


  1. Vvienne Lenk

    Vvienne Lenk37 minutes ago

    lol. We had a similar experience -- a kitten hiding on the wheel plate where it was warm and "level"-ish. We drove almost 50 miles before stopping for gas when we heard him!

  2. MOX 2020

    MOX 20204 hours ago

    Dislike for this fake! Disgusting!

  3. Philipp Void

    Philipp Void6 hours ago

    so you think you are animal friendly? what about the dead animals you are feeding to your fluffballs? gues its ok for them to be tortured and murdered by the billions in the slaughterhouses, right?

  4. Maria Luisa Ibarretxe Goiria

    Maria Luisa Ibarretxe Goiria6 hours ago

    Good work, friends.

  5. Яна Михайлова

    Яна Михайлова8 hours ago

    Дай бог, чтоб и в самом деле семья хорошая была

  6. Luke Bart

    Luke Bart15 hours ago


  7. Chavonne Manickam

    Chavonne Manickam22 hours ago

    You guys have a heart of gold. 🪙 We'll always appreciate the work you do and your kindness for those cute souls ❤️ Thanks so much! 😭🙏


    DARLIZARDDay ago

    I was crying

  9. Lulu Forlenza

    Lulu ForlenzaDay ago

    He is lovely!

  10. Mumba Mumba

    Mumba MumbaDay ago

    So sweet!

  11. peppe g.d.p

    peppe g.d.pDay ago

    puhcho è bellissimo e voi siete stati bravissimi.great

  12. Anne Pawlowski

    Anne PawlowskiDay ago

    Punchos in good hands even though it's sad to see him go, you did your job.

  13. Anne Pawlowski

    Anne PawlowskiDay ago

    He's soo cute and adorable 😍.

  14. Anne Pawlowski

    Anne PawlowskiDay ago

    Dessy's a miracle worker with strays.

  15. Samin Riasat

    Samin Riasat2 days ago

    how can someone just not love kittens??

  16. Jeff Kellywood

    Jeff Kellywood2 days ago

    Man this is why I still have faith in humanity. Please people vaccinate/fix and insure your pets to give them the best life.

  17. adv20

    adv202 days ago

    Thank you for filling my day with joy

  18. see eyes lul

    see eyes lul2 days ago

    Where do you live where there are so many stray pets?

  19. Samira Sabaghi

    Samira Sabaghi2 days ago


  20. yuni ha

    yuni ha2 days ago

    He is the so cute and strong because of u I LOVE THAT ABOUT U GUYS!!! :) making happy endings for poor kitties :)

  21. george dinu

    george dinu3 days ago

    Greetings from Romania 🤗

  22. Andrea Salbego

    Andrea Salbego3 days ago

    please open a lbry channel. Better than You Tube. Decentralised, no adds and crypto tips

  23. Silvia Raquel A

    Silvia Raquel A3 days ago

    Dios, qué horror si arranca el auto...

  24. Salford Lads Club

    Salford Lads Club3 days ago

    Poncho is very chatty cat likes talking to people👍

  25. Ekaterina Kidd

    Ekaterina Kidd3 days ago

    You guys are truly amazing, thank you so much for saving this beautiful little boy. It breaks my heart seeing animals neglected and abused, we need more people like you in this world maybe then animals wouldn’t be suffering. Thank you again and I love his name Puhcho so beautiful

  26. Gh0sT_DeM0LiShEr

    Gh0sT_DeM0LiShEr3 days ago

    I dont think that the many cars didn’t care. I think they just dont hear that meows in the car...

  27. Io Sole

    Io Sole3 days ago

    amore!!!!!!!!! God bless all the people who help animals!!!!

  28. KingCrxmson

    KingCrxmson3 days ago

    I felt a bit sad when he got adopted this sounds weird but he got so attached to you guys that I started crying

  29. Bella Pradeep

    Bella Pradeep4 days ago

    Fluffy is so gorgeous 😘😘

  30. nene back :D

    nene back :D4 days ago

    democratic meowing*

  31. Ebru gursoy kavlakoglu

    Ebru gursoy kavlakoglu4 days ago

    190 km away??? but i am happy for. kitten find a forever home

  32. Artur

    Artur5 days ago

    I would just run the car xD

  33. Noumey

    Noumey5 days ago

    You are so goods people

  34. scowlistic

    scowlistic5 days ago


  35. Perluidzi Perluidzi

    Perluidzi Perluidzi5 days ago



    PARA VOCÊ E SUA CASA5 days ago

    people like you make all the difference

  37. Irina Baranec

    Irina Baranec6 days ago

    Хорошенький... Повезло котейке... Мир не без добрых людей👍👍👍👍👍

  38. Mylifeis funny

    Mylifeis funny6 days ago

    So cute

  39. Slacker Man

    Slacker Man6 days ago

    Kittie was hungry.

  40. ANDREW

    ANDREW6 days ago


  41. Dizzy Grizzly

    Dizzy Grizzly6 days ago


  42. Nanette Alsop

    Nanette Alsop7 days ago

    Bless you for what you do. Fluffy is adorable 😍

  43. Jacinta Pereira

    Jacinta Pereira7 days ago

    Amazing work! Thanks for doing this. It would be nice to ear about your experience and how can your help people to understand the importance of adopt an animal.

  44. Kiahla

    Kiahla7 days ago

    Eres una salvavidas me estoy subscribiendo

  45. ༄outtamymind luvzz ༄

    ༄outtamymind luvzz ༄7 days ago

    2:23 so cute 😭

  46. Le Dernier Gaulois

    Le Dernier Gaulois7 days ago

    isn't it a Main Coon or a Norvegian ?

  47. Clyde Brown

    Clyde Brown8 days ago

    Love you'll, where do you get their names from ???, Clyde in Houston Texas

  48. james zimmerman

    james zimmerman8 days ago

    I cad a semi-grown kitten ride home with me in my engine compartment in Chicago. I heard meows, but every time I stopped, she stopped. I thought my coworkers had played a trick on me. My wife went to bank next day, and found her. She was a MESS!! I mean FILTHY, but otherwise OK. She was a super lover and a GREAT shoulder rider. We absolutely had to name her...................... Sparkplug. 😄😄😄. Really.

  49. Didi Magnin

    Didi Magnin8 days ago

    I could never foster because I would want to keep them all!

  50. Relaxing - Nature Relax Clips

    Relaxing - Nature Relax Clips8 days ago

    Thankyou,to give him live,nice work,youdi,god will give you reward

  51. Spring has sprung

    Spring has sprung9 days ago

    People heard this little angel's cries when he was hiding in a car yet none of them cared?! What kind of monsters live in that area?? Even if there are a lot of strays that's probably because there are so many terrible people who do nothing to help! I'm glad this channel is an exception though.

  52. Uday Joshi

    Uday Joshi9 days ago

    You guys are an inspiration ❤️

  53. •x cloudy dreams x•

    •x cloudy dreams x•9 days ago

    He's so small and cute! I hope the people who has adopted him gave him a better life now with his new family :)

  54. Arvin rashad WR

    Arvin rashad WR9 days ago

    im crying right now cuz watching this reminds me of "rinko" my lil kitten he died of cold i think i didnt take good care of starting to think i should go kill myself..😭 for not taking care of rinko..

  55. Jeronimo Noguera

    Jeronimo Noguera9 days ago

    Qué mal lo tuvo que pasar el bebito ... Pero olé sus cojoncillos

  56. Francois Regis

    Francois Regis9 days ago

    Thank you for taking care of this little one ❤️❤️❤️

  57. Dan Leader

    Dan Leader9 days ago

    How do you feed all of those cats

  58. Pikachu Ash

    Pikachu Ash9 days ago

    You are god blessed human

  59. ZoomDoomBoom / Gaming

    ZoomDoomBoom / Gaming9 days ago

    I'm crying is makes me so happy. Y'all are amazing people. Thank you for caring for animals in need!

  60. Mikael Stroh

    Mikael Stroh10 days ago

    10:20 wow poor thing 😢

  61. Karen Pokorny

    Karen Pokorny10 days ago

    Fostering is the best and the worst.. But I'm thankful this amazing baby found a good home.

  62. MrMdz1985

    MrMdz198510 days ago

    God bless you ❤🐱

  63. Michael Pletcher

    Michael Pletcher10 days ago

    Wat narrative says about kitty is true, *with safe place to live and with people to take care of kitty, he was feeling fine*----- I think this is wat all kittys and cats want, and in turn, Trust and Love is developed between cat and Huuman. God Bless the rescuers, the new adoptive family and the KITTY TO HAVE HEALTHY HAPPY LIVES . GOD BLESS U ALL.

  64. Charon Rose

    Charon Rose10 days ago


  65. Darwin Tischler

    Darwin Tischler10 days ago

    The fact that there are dislikes makes me mad

  66. Norah Burke

    Norah Burke10 days ago

    Wait. Did Puncho Die

  67. Josephkostan Tamilo

    Josephkostan Tamilo10 days ago

    Thank God he has found his forever home.Much love on your way ❤ cutie.



    God bless you all.

  69. matthew luischan

    matthew luischan10 days ago

    The place where i live, there's aalot of stray cars my neighbour feeds them and they started trusting her and following her

  70. tafhim's wwe

    tafhim's wwe11 days ago

    I wish if he was in our country i was gonna adopt him first

  71. mioobioo lovers comunitty

    mioobioo lovers comunitty11 days ago

    Very beauty and cute .they are very sensitive .. separation is hard .

  72. Kamla Dhillon-rai

    Kamla Dhillon-rai11 days ago

    That kitten is a beauty! Xxx

  73. Froskey

    Froskey11 days ago

    You are a good person and you will reach heaven you are among the best people I have known

  74. armandook armandook

    armandook armandook11 days ago

    Hy from Romania

  75. Jose Antonio Salazar

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  76. Jose Antonio Salazar

    Jose Antonio Salazar12 days ago

    i'sy just the video

  77. Jose Antonio Salazar

    Jose Antonio Salazar12 days ago

    but now i have happines

  78. Jose Antonio Salazar

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  79. Jose Antonio Salazar

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  80. Jose Antonio Salazar

    Jose Antonio Salazar12 days ago

    the most beautiful story you have ever seen😇🥰 😻

  81. Lily Rose

    Lily Rose12 days ago

    It makes my day to watch your videos

  82. Le Consommateur

    Le Consommateur12 days ago

    FAREWELL Lovely tiny Puhcho-Fluffy... How did you find the courage to let him go? I *never* could have! He is so *Adorable* and *Endearing!* I hope he will have a *Beautiful* and *Happy* life, this little one...

  83. Shelley Harris

    Shelley Harris12 days ago

    Wow that is very far hope if they change their minds they give him back and not dump him

  84. Shelley Harris

    Shelley Harris12 days ago

    So adorable I love as kittens and when grown up

  85. HelenaMikas

    HelenaMikas12 days ago

    You are a wonderful couple :) This is such a happy video all except your car breaking down :Love to you both ❤️🐱

  86. Vincent Cwiklo

    Vincent Cwiklo12 days ago

    I'm young but I own a cat

  87. Seka Prosic

    Seka Prosic12 days ago


  88. Mohsen Chawa

    Mohsen Chawa12 days ago

    Cute kitten I love your videos thank you

  89. Kristen Scott

    Kristen Scott13 days ago

    Omg they had to start speaking his language.. meowish and food

  90. ellery choi

    ellery choi13 days ago

    Its cute that the kitten plays with that string hahahaha!

  91. Vea' Barksdale

    Vea' Barksdale13 days ago


  92. El Turner

    El Turner15 days ago

    Well done. Thank you. :-)

  93. Ron Langley

    Ron Langley16 days ago

    oof what is wrong why did car die

  94. trucker James

    trucker James18 days ago

    I love a happy ending

  95. Delenil the WarThief

    Delenil the WarThief18 days ago

    Е това е българин!

  96. Raheela Khaliq

    Raheela Khaliq18 days ago

    Bye little fluffy boy

  97. Emily Worthen

    Emily Worthen18 days ago

    So cute

  98. Wallie Abdul

    Wallie Abdul18 days ago


  99. Светослав Димитров

    Светослав Димитров18 days ago

    Браво човек...!

  100. Susan Appleby

    Susan Appleby19 days ago

    Brilliant stuff. The meowing craziness at the start was hilarious.

  101. dark night

    dark night20 days ago

    awww it's makes my heart melt on every single video i watch...but my story is different 1st a mine coon cat come and few days later he shows me and my mom his little brother and now me and my mom is looking for owners for them bc there owner isn't taking care of them well enough so we have to find new owners for them bc i can't nor my mom could keep them we love too but my cat doesn't like other cats in our home so we are keeping them in a different room and we sometimes let them out but one is very attach to me and he's cuddling me rn it's the lil one and they're different but they still brothers