Stray Cat Meows For Food But Doesn't Want Me To Touch Her

Stray Cat Meows For Food But Doesn't Want Me To Touch Her
Stray cat comes to us and meows for food but when Dessy tries to touch her, the cat attacked her :)

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Name: Desislava Gospodinova
IBAN: BG47UNCR70001523226502
We are Stoyan and Dessy from Bulgaria. We are not organization, neither a shelter, we are just an ordinary couple with a big dream. Everything we provide for the stray cats is coming from our own pockets or with the help of donations from our subscribers. We have 4 cats at home, all rescued from the streets - Sopolcho & Bagheera live with us while Alexa & Rijo live with Dessy's mom, who has been feeding and caring of stray animals for the last 10 years. Bulgaria is a small and poor country with lots of stray cats and not enough kind people to take them in. Our dream is to build a shelter where we could take care of many stray cats with the help of Dessy's mom. If you would like to support us, please subscribe to our channel and share our videos with your friends and family. It would mean a lot to us ❤️
- Dessy & Stoyan
Stray Cat Meows For Food But Doesn't Want Me To Touch Her
Stray Cat Meows
Cat Meows For Food
Cat Doesn't Want Me To Touch Her
Cat Attack
Hungry Stray Cat


  1. _MarianaOwo_

    _MarianaOwo_Hour ago

    There were people passsing by and sitting there not even caring that’s so cold.. :(

  2. Anne Pawlowski

    Anne Pawlowski2 days ago

    She'll come to you because you cared.

  3. Ricky Collins

    Ricky Collins5 days ago

    I have one "mommakitty" she only lets you rub her back and that is all, sometimes just the top of her head, no cheeks and positively nothing underneath. All the cats in the yard and house fear her. I love her.

  4. Pink Elephants

    Pink Elephants6 days ago

    I'm fairly sure that this cat has a good home. It's probably just like mine - a six serving Syd. A 6 serving Syd (short for Sydney), is a cat that will eat at at home [and] go to [at least] 5 other households claiming that they are [starving, fadingawaytoashadow]. Mine also comes home smelling of someone else's laundry detergent......hmm. 😏😏😏 Beautiful shiny coat and a suspiciously well fed rounded belly, does not a stray make.... 😋

  5. James Gibbons

    James Gibbons9 days ago

    The things pawmeow do is inspiring they save animals thats better thein caring for 7 cats like I do but what they do is saving cats life’s so they can live a good one and that really makes my heart melt pawmeow does some pritty awesome stuff what can I say they save dogs cats and that’s inspiring.thank you pawmeow.

  6. Durgaprasad S

    Durgaprasad S18 days ago

    Yah I too have a cat like this

  7. Sabertooth

    Sabertooth19 days ago

    I think it’s just camera shy

  8. Shania Saji

    Shania Saji28 days ago

    May God bless you for your Kindness 🙌🙌🙌

  9. Beckham Nouman

    Beckham Nouman29 days ago

    this cat's logic: "I shall touch you, you shall not touch me".

  10. Cozbi BiBi

    Cozbi BiBiMonth ago

    Stray cats are always more stubborn at first than dogs especially mother cats I believe the dogs wouldn't mind help, but cats accept the harsh reality for their own, ready to defend itself against anyone

  11. julia de.LaPatagonia

    julia de.LaPatagoniaMonth ago

    Hello, could you put some SUBTITLES please ... Thanks///Hola,podrias Poner algunos SUBTÍTULOS por favor...Gracias

  12. David Li

    David LiMonth ago

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  13. michelle g

    michelle g2 months ago

    Try hand feeding her

  14. Alyazia Alhashimi

    Alyazia Alhashimi2 months ago

    That’s exactly like my street cat she can touch us but we can’t but I don’t force her like I try to touch her every 2 month so she can know I’m not gonna harm her

  15. David Li

    David Li2 months ago

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  16. The atomic lizard

    The atomic lizard2 months ago

    Poor animal has probably been through a lot

  17. Rajat Thakur

    Rajat Thakur2 months ago

    Best part of cat... They don't bite .. But cat can slap with legs😂😂😂😂😂😂

  18. destroyermaker

    destroyermaker2 months ago

    Because you're doing it wrong. Kneel down or sit so you're less threatening and leave out your hand for her to touch/smell when she's ready. Everything with a cat should be an invitation, particularly if they're a stray and/or abused.

  19. Treavy the neko two kinds character

    Treavy the neko two kinds character2 months ago

    such a sweet person you are always saving and feeding these hungry little cats your awesome and you make every day special by just your being you and the best your ever gona be is your helpful and honest self your an angel do these kittens have you ever thought of making a patreon where people give you money so you can then spend it on these beautiful kitties and dogs

  20. Keith Bates

    Keith Bates2 months ago

    I agree give the Kitty sometime to get use to you. You don't know what she has been through. Joan Bates

  21. Monique Rault

    Monique Rault2 months ago

    Ohoh pauvre petit loulou il cherche de L'Amour et des câlins!!!! Merci pour ces belles personnes qui sans occupe une mamie qui adore les animaux. Mam 💞💞💞💞💞😘😘😘😘👍👍👍

  22. Øcean Wølves

    Øcean Wølves2 months ago

    For the people who watch this person adopt so many stray animals, her house must be full of cats and cats stuff 👁️👄👁️

  23. Øcean Wølves

    Øcean Wølves2 months ago

    Good bless you for saving all abandon animal's lives instead of leaving them, starving

  24. Texas Roast

    Texas Roast2 months ago

    That cat is surprisingly big for being feral. MIGHT be pregnant...

  25. Debbie Jeffries

    Debbie Jeffries2 months ago

    You can’t touch every cat and assume it’s gonna be friendly especially a street cat that’s been homeless a long time could’ve been abused of course the animal is gonna be defensive because of the environment it’s experienced. From a safety reason you should be cautious because you don’t know what this cat has. Hope it can helped🙏🏻🐈💕

  26. Summer Skiez

    Summer Skiez2 months ago

    She probably scraped you because she was abused before, She probably didn't have contact with humans in a while, u are really kind people, looking after beutifull cats and kittens, I love when peopel help, cats, aswell as kittens, when this kitty learns to trust again she would be a beautiful pet,

  27. Gothus Touchstone Singularity

    Gothus Touchstone Singularity2 months ago

    Ungrateful cat...

  28. Carolyn Bortz

    Carolyn Bortz2 months ago

    The kitty will love you eventually, it will take a little time but he/she will learn you're not there to harm just to love and shelter and eventually find a forever home.

  29. Lori Passerman

    Lori Passerman2 months ago

    Beautiful kitty. Looks so healthy.

  30. Robert Ko

    Robert Ko2 months ago

    It's going to take time for her to trust people again. Maybe, she was abused by some people recently, and cats normally don't forget these thing. Also, if you feed them enough times, they will get to know you as well.

  31. Nora Dennis

    Nora Dennis2 months ago

    I bet, given time, she would let you pet her. She may have had bad relations with humans in her life and someone may have hurt her.

  32. Vickie Tracy

    Vickie Tracy2 months ago

    She isn't feral..ferals don't yell..She needs help so just give her time..If you can get her inside so she doesn't get pregnant. Also,try a human trap to get her inside and then fixed..Don't grab her or she'll think you are going to hurt her..Give her time

  33. Amy Calico

    Amy Calico2 months ago

    Poor kitty 🐈 take him home ❤️

  34. Lord Megatron

    Lord Megatron2 months ago

    Oh my the cat was so afraid of dessy :((

  35. Tinka Nijeholt

    Tinka Nijeholt2 months ago

    He protec, He attac But most importantly, he will give love to you guys soon!

  36. Doreen Patterson

    Doreen Patterson2 months ago

    I love the cat: Not today!

  37. Metal Bat Fanboy No Homo

    Metal Bat Fanboy No Homo2 months ago

    This is the best Animal rescue channel I've ever known, no suspicious fake videos at all.

  38. CuRsoR 1317

    CuRsoR 13172 months ago

    I doubt some humans did something bad to her..

  39. CuRsoR 1317

    CuRsoR 13172 months ago

    Its fine 💛😸

  40. firstname

    firstname2 months ago

    Beautiful big kitty

  41. Jhony Bighorn

    Jhony Bighorn2 months ago

    She sound like my ex!!!

  42. Icy Chiu

    Icy Chiu2 months ago

    I think the cat is scared of you so she doesn’t want you to touch her. She kinda looks like Ally because of her colour

  43. Monoca

    Monoca2 months ago


  44. Dave McKewan

    Dave McKewan2 months ago

    Cat did make it clear that she didn't want to be touched. But she did warm to you though. Slowly goes it...

  45. virtualhitman

    virtualhitman2 months ago

    aww so cute

  46. Michael Lance Steenberg

    Michael Lance Steenberg2 months ago

    She will soon learn that she is being saved by 2 very good people. ❤️❤️❤️

  47. Run Keral

    Run Keral2 months ago

    Meow, meow, I am just a frightened baby, mama Dessy, please give me time... 😘😊❤️😍😚

  48. entitlementkid

    entitlementkid2 months ago

    Yes, she just doesn’t know you yet. To me she’s obviously a stray friendly. She was either dumped or got out and didn’t find her way back home. She’s in pretty good shape so I don’t think she’s been outside very long. Ferals don’t raise their tales straight up in greeting (“Hi! Glad to see you!”) and most of them would never rub up against your legs! Also, the fact that she dozed in the sun in your vicinity shows she’s used to spending time with humans.

  49. Michel VanDamme FFM

    Michel VanDamme FFM2 months ago

    Thanks for help this beautiful cat

  50. Michel VanDamme FFM

    Michel VanDamme FFM2 months ago


  51. livai035

    livai0352 months ago

    Wow very very insanity

  52. ARRC -Uknow

    ARRC -Uknow2 months ago

    Awwww! Poor cat. Just put the food at his reach and day by day he will come to you, I have one exactly like this one, a big black cat.

  53. Ειρήνη 222

    Ειρήνη 2222 months ago

    It hurts so much when you see so many stray cats in the streets every day and you know that what you do it's always liitle. But as a wise lady said to me once "if everyone of us does what he can afford to help then the world will change".

  54. Outheymine

    Outheymine2 months ago

    Stupid cat

  55. luvzfrance24

    luvzfrance242 months ago

    She's a sweetheart in the making

  56. callofseiiki

    callofseiiki2 months ago

    i am glad your feeding this little cute cat :)

  57. инга икс

    инга икс2 months ago

    I wish good mamy for cat.

  58. Brenda Brown

    Brenda Brown2 months ago

    Welcome to my world . The one cat I feed runs away from me all the time lol but does eat the food after I leave .😂

  59. Deborah Yang

    Deborah Yang2 months ago

    Poor kitty hope he learns to trust humans again

  60. Miriam Bucholtz

    Miriam Bucholtz2 months ago

    When an animal reacts that way to being touched I think of two things: She has some injury or illness that's causing her pain, or somebody used to abuse her.

  61. Franca Giammarino

    Franca Giammarino2 months ago

    Those marks on his face and legs. 🥰 are so cute. Our beloved Dessy is sporting some fabulous biker boots today. I love and adore you two.

  62. Donnamaree Merry

    Donnamaree Merry2 months ago

    I know you will win her over Dessy and Stoyan you’re very caring and have done it all before, she was cuddling up to you but she’s obviously been mistreated by other people, I just hope that she didn’t hurt you Dessy when you tried to pat her

  63. Forefather Of Mankind

    Forefather Of Mankind2 months ago

    She's got awesome black markings on the face

  64. Nenya

    Nenya2 months ago

    She looks like she may be in heat.

  65. Gonul G

    Gonul G2 months ago

    This is how she protects herself. Not everybody is kind like yourself. 😘🐈

  66. sashasue00

    sashasue002 months ago

    I get the feeling she is in heat

  67. K L

    K L2 months ago

    A lot of cats don't like being petted on the back. A chin scratch is often preferable and it's best to just offer a finger or two and let the cat decide if it wants to accept. If it does, it will voluntarily rub it's head on your fingers.

  68. -Pastel_Cutie-

    -Pastel_Cutie-2 months ago

    Hey PawMeow, You forgot to make a pt 2 of "We lost a rescued kitten". Can you make it plz?

  69. biankapaloma

    biankapaloma2 months ago

    One of my oldest cats, Cookie, was beaten by a woman when she was a kitten. She broke her hip. That was 12 years ago, and my Cookie still doesn't trust women, only my mom. She has no problem with men, but she is very shy. I wish I could rescued her before she had that horrible experience. Now she is an old lady, but it took us many years to show her that my family will never hurt her.

  70. Imanurse

    Imanurse2 months ago

    Is she pregnant?

  71. InspireMari

    InspireMari2 months ago

    Thank you for caring.

  72. HelenaMikas

    HelenaMikas2 months ago

    You tried but it could well be the cat has suffered so much it finds it very hard to trust .....yet ...:) 👍🐱

  73. MzAbbyxz

    MzAbbyxz2 months ago

    She's feral, give her some time to trust, maybe someone did something bad to her and she sees the human hand as a bad thing

  74. kwutopia10

    kwutopia102 months ago

    Oh my Dessy be CAREFUL !!!

  75. sweet Steve victoria

    sweet Steve victoria2 months ago


  76. Janeil Morphonios

    Janeil Morphonios2 months ago

    She probably has been mistreated by humans before and is cautious. She'll come around in time. Thank you for feeding her. She looks very healthy. She's beautiful. We have a little tuxedo kitten. He's a cutie also.

  77. Big Street Food

    Big Street Food2 months ago

    ♥️Thank you so much this is nice 👍 Big Street Food 🍱

  78. MR. T

    MR. T2 months ago

    Probably not the smartest idea to pull on a stray cats tail,, what did you expect?

  79. Marcelo Dias

    Marcelo Dias2 months ago

    Nossa esses gato e lindo e tão dócil Parece que estavam abandonado

  80. Jesse Brantley

    Jesse Brantley2 months ago

    You will win her over before you know.


    SHOT ON IPHONE2 months ago

    Where is Bella?

  82. Robin Campochiaro

    Robin Campochiaro2 months ago

    What a beautiful cat, she may of thought you were going to pick her and probably in the past other humans were not nice. Bless your hearts for feeding this precious girl. Could she be pregnant? Maybe she was being overprotective of her babies.

  83. Funny Cats and Kittens videos

    Funny Cats and Kittens videos2 months ago

    You are invite to my channel for cute cats 😻😻😹

  84. Sofybel Q

    Sofybel Q2 months ago


  85. Andrew Leadley

    Andrew Leadley2 months ago

    Is this a fake animal rescue channel or a real one? Hope it’s real

  86. tsntana

    tsntana2 months ago

    It's real. They've rescued lots of cats and found many of them good homes.

  87. Irene Nick

    Irene Nick2 months ago


  88. Mesa

    Mesa2 months ago

    Don't let that discourage you. She got good pats from the bench Hehe :3 so she didn't want anything else but cat attention You still did a great thing...deeds are welcomed so long as a poor one is saved and cared for! You did neko chan a good life!!

  89. Shanny K

    Shanny K2 months ago

    Haha my neighbours cat is just like this. A real Madam. She cries for attention and strokes but then she hisses and attacks if you stroke her 👀

  90. Thamarai Winfred

    Thamarai Winfred2 months ago


  91. tutulvsu

    tutulvsu2 months ago

    Looks like she could be pregnant...?

  92. Joshua Phillips

    Joshua Phillips2 months ago

    With someone like you to care for her, I believe everything will be alright

  93. Francesco Dimarzio

    Francesco Dimarzio2 months ago

    Ooohhh!She has probably a whole history of maltreatments from so called humans,wait another little time,please. Did you notice that her fur turns to a rich brown when in the full light ?Beautiful ! Ciao,Francesco.

  94. Pino Haxk

    Pino Haxk2 months ago

    you touch tail.

  95. Prayer Xu

    Prayer Xu2 months ago

    The world needs more people like you guys

  96. defaultuser44

    defaultuser442 months ago

    Why do cats meow that loud? Because of hunger? Some pain? Danger?

  97. Clara Payne

    Clara Payne2 months ago

    She looks like her name should be Berkeley. Anyone with me??

  98. Gato El

    Gato El2 months ago

    I have a ginger cat in my backyard that does the same thing..he just wants me to give food but doesn't allow me to pat him. 😸

  99. Clara Payne

    Clara Payne2 months ago

    Very pretty. Hope you are able to build up enough trust to take her in at some point. Keep trying. ❤️

  100. Kruger Fuchs

    Kruger Fuchs2 months ago

    They will eventually if they didn't think you were a good human they wouldn't come at all they will

  101. Nature Rules

    Nature Rules2 months ago