We are Stoyan and Dessy from Bulgaria.
We are not organization, neither a shelter, we are just an ordinary couple with a big dream. Everything we provide for the stray cats is coming from our own pockets or with the help of donations from our subscribers. We have 4 cats at home, all rescued from the streets - Sopolcho \u0026 Bagheera live with us while Alexa \u0026 Rijo live with Dessy's mom, who has been feeding and caring of stray animals for the last 10 years. Bulgaria is a small and poor country with lots of stray cats and not enough kind people to take them in. Our dream is to build a shelter where we could take care of many stray cats with the help of Dessy's mom.
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Kitten Talks To Me

Kitten Talks To Me

2 months ago

Kittens Climb On Me 🥰
Black Cat VS Water 😄
  1. Raymond B

    Raymond B30 minutes ago

    So these people made a video to of “finding” a dog out in a snowstorm. And everyone is eating it up. People do this all the time and don’t make a video about it trying to be famous on USlikes. Get a life and quit being to gullible.

  2. Der Dicke

    Der Dicke36 minutes ago

    Danke das ihr den süßen Fratz aufgenommen habt 💖💖💖💖💖💖

  3. CorBin Strike

    CorBin Strike38 minutes ago


  4. Vandana Mohite

    Vandana Mohite41 minute ago

    Are you going their playing game with the innocent babies they're homeless frightened and no food and water first gives them a some food and water and then take a video please mam

  5. Divinity Blaze

    Divinity Blaze42 minutes ago

    Man has heart of gold.

  6. Animation Geek

    Animation Geek50 minutes ago

  7. Catalina Vargas

    Catalina Vargas50 minutes ago

    Any animal deserves to live the owner who abused this poor creature I wonder why he was never charged for his bad deed but he will pay it with God dogs are more loyal than a cat and dogs were always be loyal to you to the end of life and eternal I love dogs more than I love cats God bless don't understand why you can take him back yes it's good that he has a home God bless

  8. Animation Geek

    Animation Geek51 minute ago

  9. David Phillips

    David Phillips52 minutes ago

    The kingdom of heaven can be compared to leaven in which a woman took and hid in three measures of meal until it was all leavened

  10. Tanvii Venkat

    Tanvii Venkat57 minutes ago

    You are just like my father nice kind caring for everything you save these helpless animals I thank you for this assistance I thank you for helping nature please keep this up😞

  11. David Phillips

    David Phillips57 minutes ago

    The kingdom of heaven is at hand. The kingdom of heaven can be compared to leaven in which a woman took and hid in three measures of meal until it was all leavened

  12. Brittany Miller

    Brittany Miller58 minutes ago

    This made me cry... poor doggy :( <3

  13. Paul Starcevic

    Paul StarcevicHour ago

    So sad

  14. What happen?

    What happen?Hour ago

    God damn, cute reaction.

  15. Minecraft Tutorial

    Minecraft TutorialHour ago

    I really love how you take care of the poor kittens, you really deserve a new subscriber from me

  16. aqui é o fox

    aqui é o foxHour ago

    Nossa que atitude bonita 😍

  17. Anne Pawlowski

    Anne PawlowskiHour ago

    I hope kianu gets his forever home because he deserves it.

  18. Anne Pawlowski

    Anne PawlowskiHour ago

    Kianu is soo cute and very funny watching him play with himself.

  19. 00 00

    00 00Hour ago

    Amore coraggio ti voglio bene. Guarisci. Anima dolce.mi spezzi il cuore dolce cagnolino💛🧡❤

  20. Brian Schwab

    Brian SchwabHour ago

    Shit.. Now I want ANOTHER dog. These videos are dangerous to my furniture.

  21. Bruce Liu

    Bruce LiuHour ago

    God bless you.🙏🙏🙏

  22. Rachel Campbell

    Rachel CampbellHour ago

    Aww he followed them just begging please love me


    SoB WARZONEHour ago

    I would have been running at full speed

  24. SevPOOTS

    SevPOOTSHour ago

    I love the font it looks like those old fairytale story books lol just had to say it 😂✨

  25. Neddy Stark

    Neddy StarkHour ago

    ..and todays award of "best human" goes to you my friend...wonderful. 👍❤

  26. Vvienne Lenk

    Vvienne LenkHour ago

    lol. We had a similar experience -- a kitten hiding on the wheel plate where it was warm and "level"-ish. We drove almost 50 miles before stopping for gas when we heard him!

  27. Patrick Frize

    Patrick FrizeHour ago

    Well done guys.

  28. Debreta Evans

    Debreta EvansHour ago

    Sounds like a couple of those Pistons weren't firing

  29. Jayna Amor Palabrica

    Jayna Amor PalabricaHour ago

    awwwwwwwwww I gotta stop watching these sad vids;;;(((

  30. Debreta Evans

    Debreta EvansHour ago

    Can't help but laugh I see this and it's cute I think I would have added voices to this I don't want it I don't want it what are you doing this is so much fun

  31. FabFab Good

    FabFab GoodHour ago

    Bellissima persona

  32. Hans Wurst

    Hans WurstHour ago

    In China no problems with stray animals. They eat dog meat 🐕🌭😁

  33. Houque Enterprise

    Houque EnterpriseHour ago

    I have a kitten that just looks like him and he is named bagheera!

  34. Rarejule

    RarejuleHour ago

    Thank you for taking in that baby. I'm an avid animal lover. Love all puppies! How can you not. It's horrible but pets sometimes are abandoned due to desperate, dire circumstances. I will be a pet parent again someday when time is right.

  35. Nikola Dugave

    Nikola DugaveHour ago

    He was abandoned just so could be found, and given something far better. Everything happenes for a reason... 💙

  36. Miller

    MillerHour ago

    The world needs more people like you in it.

  37. Louis Meloche

    Louis MelocheHour ago

    By now he must have a favorite and personal blanky.

  38. Chuamba Figueredo

    Chuamba FigueredoHour ago

    Jesus q crueldade fizeram com esse animal. Espero q esse monstro q fez isso passe pela msm dor e sofrimento q ele passou.

  39. Noorein Jiah Syed

    Noorein Jiah SyedHour ago

    I cant believe how someone could dump such an innocent soul at the dumpster

  40. Too Much

    Too MuchHour ago


  41. Judes Quentin

    Judes QuentinHour ago

    Bravo, franchement ça fait plaisir à voir !

  42. cucamonga41

    cucamonga41Hour ago

    He is most certainly a special breed, but that is his mind, not his body. That puppy has a wonderful mind. He will love you till the day he dies. He will watch over you and protect you from harm.

  43. Lewis Thompson

    Lewis ThompsonHour ago


  44. p kataK

    p kataKHour ago

    This puppy looked so proud with the tail in the air after awhile. ❤

  45. sipo70

    sipo70Hour ago

    That's cool. Great job!!

  46. Дмитрий Агабабян

    Дмитрий АгабабянHour ago

    Beautiful woman and beautiful, cute dog☺️

  47. _MarianaOwo_

    _MarianaOwo_Hour ago

    There were people passsing by and sitting there not even caring that’s so cold.. :(

  48. MaťoOfficial

    MaťoOfficialHour ago


  49. Mohammad Jasim

    Mohammad JasimHour ago

    Idk why but it's me that dogs are disgusting for me like they literally lick your face I mean like that's nasty

  50. ChiTown708

    ChiTown708Hour ago


  51. Ellie Lang

    Ellie LangHour ago

    I’m crying

  52. Resul Budak

    Resul BudakHour ago

    Nasıl da korkmuş ya 🇹🇷🤭 teşekkürler

  53. Arthur Rosati

    Arthur Rosati2 hours ago


  54. riger roar

    riger roar2 hours ago

    Kau NACA cat

  55. Camille's World

    Camille's World2 hours ago

    I’m so happy

  56. tyler durdan

    tyler durdan2 hours ago

    nice little baby take good care of him god bless you and the little one! greetings from germany"!

  57. Big Sex

    Big Sex2 hours ago

    Fakest shit I've ever seen

  58. Aubrey Olvera

    Aubrey Olvera2 hours ago

    I love this USlikesr I love animals and, fell bad for the ones that were abandoned. I feel like I don’t have to feel like that anymore because they save animals. :) 😍❤️🥰😍😘

  59. Jay Cormack

    Jay Cormack2 hours ago

    You kind lovely people well done for saving the baby kitten and caring enough to take her to vets thank you I'm sure she is thankful

  60. Muhammad Usama Raheem

    Muhammad Usama Raheem2 hours ago

    You people care about the animals. It is very good. But your own people are treating humans worse than animals in some parts of the world. Shame on you hypocrite people.

  61. Claudio Riquelme

    Claudio Riquelme2 hours ago

    Nice puppy, he just needed a few of love and food for by your most faithful partner.

  62. Red

    Red2 hours ago

    Are there a lot of stray dogs in Bulgaria?

  63. Anastasia Chandler

    Anastasia Chandler2 hours ago

    Prayers 🙏 for a Miraculous Healing and Painless Recovery in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ Beautiful Precious little Angel. You deserve to be Blessed with Love and your Very own forever family Darling Sweetheart 💙💓.

  64. Tuckwai wdr

    Tuckwai wdr2 hours ago

    The puppy stomach is quite big compare to his it normal ? Or does it hv worms ? Such cute n smart puppy.

  65. Anastasia Chandler

    Anastasia Chandler2 hours ago

    This is heartbreaking 💔 seeing you in need of Being helped and Loved forever Beautiful Precious little Angel. Thank you all involved in helping God's 🙏 precious babies. Prayers for your life to be Blessed with a loving nurturing forever family Darling Sweetheart 💙💓.

  66. Erized

    Erized2 hours ago

    The markings on his face are so pretty, and those big shiny eyes! 😊❤️ I really admire all you do to help animals like this, but dang it would break my heart having to give that little one up!

  67. Balkrishna Saka

    Balkrishna Saka2 hours ago

    I cried when I read the title. How can someone leave a cute puppy. Whoever have left him shall die by freezing. 😭😭😭😭😭😤😤😤

  68. Amogus logic

    Amogus logic2 hours ago

    I love the title, good job for saving the kitten.

  69. Olin Richard

    Olin Richard2 hours ago

    I am so sad because I my dog passed away From me 😭

  70. uma shankar

    uma shankar2 hours ago


  71. Aliven’t Zerotergt

    Aliven’t Zerotergt2 hours ago

    If you left him people would freak out and it would make sense why

  72. It Do Be Petty Tho

    It Do Be Petty Tho2 hours ago

    Seeet boy 🥺🥺💕 take good care of him

  73. please laugh

    please laugh2 hours ago

    They had soft tacos later

  74. Jan Lont

    Jan Lont2 hours ago


  75. Darkyzally

    Darkyzally2 hours ago

    Keep him forever 😍

  76. tt kk

    tt kk2 hours ago

    can USlikes disclose who disliked this video?

  77. Justcow Milk

    Justcow Milk2 hours ago


  78. AJB Games

    AJB Games2 hours ago

    So sad!!!

  79. Dzenis Sabljakovic

    Dzenis Sabljakovic2 hours ago

    This was beautiful, god bless your hearts.

  80. Marquis.

    Marquis.2 hours ago

    I hope they get adapted soon.